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Morning Huddle Worksheet

Morning Huddle Worksheet

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Downloadable resource? Yes, please!

We've got a 2-page morning huddle worksheet using Open Dental hot tips for a daily review. Use these methods to elevate your dental chart review with our daily chart notes Audit PDF! Designed for efficiency and compliance, this downloadable tool ensures accurate and thorough documentation every morning. Streamline your workflow first thing in the morning to navigate appointments easier. 

If you're a temp, take this with you to your temp jobs to keep things organized. 

A download link to the PDF will be prepared after checkout. Please allow a few minutes for the download box to appear. Once your download is ready, it will also be emailed to the address provided at checkout.

Laminate it and use a Sharpie. Once done, 99% Isoproprol and Wipes. 

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