Pre-Order & Backorder Info

The following Shipping Information applies to order containing both pre-order/backorder + in-stock items. Orders containing pre-order or backorder items only will simply be fulfilled at a later date.


This is the default option for orders containing both in-stock and pre-order/backorder items.

Toothlife will hold the entire order for fulfillment until pre-order/backorder items are in stock.


A split fulfillment option is available in the shipping options at checkout. This split option covers the shipping fee due at both the time of in-stock fulfillment and again during pre-order/backorder fulfillment.

  1. Toothlife will fulfill and ship the in-stock items to the customer within the regular 1-2 processing days.
  2. The remaining pre-order/backorder items will be held for fulfillment until the pre-order items are in-stock.
  3. At the time of fulfillment, the pre-order/backorder items will be shipped to the customer.

If the customer decides to later split fulfillment but the method was not selected at checkout, please contact us via email.


Need additional info on your order? Please email and be sure to include your name and order number.

The conditions outlined above do not supersede the terms outlined on our Terms & Conditions page.