Black Lives Matter - Here Is Our Plan


Over the past two weeks, we have listened and learned from our community, our affiliates and our friends. Toothlife stands against all forms of racism and we believe Black Lives Matter.

It is apparent that we have some work to do to reflect the diversifying and values of our Toothlife community and the inner structure of our organization. Change doesn’t happen overnight so while we work to create a plan that maps a better way forward, we do want to share where we will begin today.

  • Use our platform:We will amplify Black voices, art, and resources wherever we can. We will listen, learn, and lean into our community to share their stories.
  • Education:In North America, a very small percentage of dental professionals, specifically dental hygienists, are of colour. Toothlife is providing an annual scholarship through Brown Girl RDH to assist with tuition, board fees, supplies or costs associated with becoming an RDH.
  • Social Media and Photography:We will be diversity our roster of photography on our Instagram and Facebook platform by using new freelance photographers, artists, social partners, event coordinators and collaborators. Toothlife is in planning mode to work with The Dental Hygienists’ Association of Jamaica and BrownGirl RDH as partners to deliver not only images but also stories and messages. We will commit to authentic representation on our website and social feeds by working with Black and Brown dental professionals and models.
  • Diversity on our team:We will be carefully assessing our company culture to make a change from within. We will plan for future roles within our organization to provide internships and jobs.
  • 2020 Donations: Toothlife has partnered with Twice, The GloGood Foundation and the Let Love Rule Foundation. August 1st will mark the first day of our partnership with 100% of proceeds our new gender-neutral collection going directly to facilitate mission trips to Eleuthera Bahamas. More information on this partnership will be shared in the coming weeks.
  • BrownGirl RDH Scholarship: Toothlife has donated $500 to BrownGirl RDH, an organization that assists future RDH's experiencing financial hardships with entering, maintaining or graduating from a dental hygiene program worldwide. We look forward to this Scholarship fund grow in the years and hope one day to be able to pay for someone's full tuition.  

We recognize these steps are just the beginning and we are committed to keeping you updated on our progress with more detailed emails on each individual step and organization. We are looking forward to feedback on where we can do better.

For resources on the above-mentioned organizations and people working together click on their links below and consider donating to their causes. 

BrownGirl RDH


Twice/GloGood/Let Love Rule